Amazcart System Requirements

12th Aug, 2022

The Laravel framework has a few system requirements. All of these requirements are satisfied by the Laravel Homestead virtual machine, so it's highly recommended that you use Homestead as your local Laravel development environment.

However, if you are not using Homestead, you will need to make sure your server meets the following requirements:

    PHP = 7.4
    OpenSSL PHP Extension
    PDO PHP Extension
    Mbstring PHP Extension
    Tokenizer PHP Extension
    XML PHP Extension
    Ctype PHP Extension
    JSON PHP Extension
    BCMath PHP Extension

To run the application on your server make sure your php.ini file meets the following requirements. Please try to change the below info on php.ini.

    max_execution_time 30000
    max_input_time 30000
    memory_limit 512MB
    post_max_size 512MB
    upload_max_filesize 128MB