11th Jan, 2023

Google Analytics Tools:

Google Analytics is a platform that collects data from your websites to create reports that provide insights into your business. Google Analytics gives you the tools using free of charge to understand the customer journey and improve marketing. You need to have some form of analytics on your website To determine how people use your site. With all the data can make improvements that how are growing your business. 

Short Direction: {Amazcart Dashboard> System Setting> Analytic Tools> Google Analytics> Enable Google Anaytics> Click here to create your project> Click here to create google analytics> UA-Tracking ID> Enable GS Analytics for Your Dashboard> Measurement ID> Measurement Protocol API Secret> Save> Facebook Pixel> Enable Facebook Pixel> Click here to create Facebook pixel> Facebook Pixel ID> Save.}

If you want to use the Google Analytics tools system then fill on all the empty boxes as Enable to create your project. The Google Analytics tracking ID is an identification number that refers to the Analytics account and second to the property associated with that account. Enable GS Analytics for Your Dashboard to easily understand consumer behaviour. 

1- Analytic Tools

2- Google Analytics

3- Enable Google Analytics

4- Click here to create your project

5- Click here to create a google analytics

6- UA-Tracking ID

7- Enable GS Analytics for Your Dashboard

8- Measurement ID is an identifier for a web data stream. You can use the Measurement ID to send data to a specific web data stream. For Google Analytics, your Measurement ID is the same as your destination ID.

9- Measurement Protocol API Secret allows developers to make HTTP requests to send raw user interaction data directly to Google Analytics servers. This allows developers to measure how users interact with their business from almost any environment.

10- Save

11- Facebook Pixel

12- Enable Facebook Pixel

13 Click here to create a Facebook pixel

14- Facebook Pixel ID is a piece of code that you place on your website.

15- Save it.