How To Setup Language Currency Tag & Location

28th Dec, 2022

Language mixing is a ubiquitous phenomenon for ecommerce websites. Bilingual websites allow you to reach a larger market and sell to individuals and businesses internationally. Currency is a medium of exchange for goods and services. A tag doesn't carry any information or semantics itself but it helps SEO ranking. A website position is available for occupancy marked by some distinguishing features to get easy to find the company location. 

Language Setting:

Having a multilingual site means that foreign consumers visiting your site are less likely to exit immediately upon discovering that it's available in their native language. If you want to communicate with most Internet users, plan on supporting 30 or more languages. 

Short Direction: {Amazcart> Dashboard> Setup> Language Setting> Language List> Add New Language> SL> Name> Code> RTL/LTL> Active> Select.}

If you want to add multiple languages to your website, go to the AmazCart dashboard & click on the setup option to find the Language Setting, you will see the interface of all language lists eventually. 

1- Language Setting

2- Add New Language

3- Add New Language

4- SL means Serial Number

5- Name

6- Code means Country codes are short alphabetic or numeric geographical codes developed to represent countries and dependent areas.

7- RTL/LTL means you can change the RTL/LTL which is full from less than truckload (LTL), Regular Truck Load (RTL). 

8- active

9- Select For Edit & Translation. 

Add New Language:

If you want to communicate with most Internet users to have a realistic goal of what is required to be a truly global company. Most sites choose their language based on that header, which you can change in your browser settings.

Short Direction: {Amazcart Dashboard> Setup> Language Setting> Add New Language> Name> Code> Native Name> RTL/LTL> Status> Save.}

When you find the Language list and then click on Add a new language, you will see the short interface of empty boxes to fill all of the Name, Code, and Native Name, select the formation about  RTL/LTL and choose the language status in active or inactive. At the last Save it.

1- Add New Language

2- Name

3- Code

4- Native Name


6- Status

7- Save it.

Add New Language.png1672230986.png

Currency List:

There are 180 currencies recognized as legal tender and the site can include a multiple currency system. You may have an online store, a small business website, or a WordPress blog. Either way, having different types of currency is a good idea.

Short Direction: {Amazcart Dashboard> Setup> Currency List> Add New Currency> Code> Symbol> Activate> Convert Rate 1 USD = ?> Select> Edit.}

Click on the Currency list to find the Add a new currency to convert USD. For all other currencies, write the figure first, followed by the currency name, Code, Symbol, Activate, Convert Rate USD =? & the last section to rewrite your currency list.

1- Currency List

2- Add New Currency

3- SL means Serial Number

4- Name

5- Code

6- Symbol

7- Activate

8- Convert Rate 1 USD =?

9- Select for Edit.

Add New Currency:

Check the currency rates against all the world currencies here. The currency converter is easy to use rates are updated frequently. An exchange rate is when one currency is exchanged for another. Exchange rates are impacted by both the domestic currency value and the foreign currency value. 

Short Direction: {Amazcart Dashboard> Setup> Currency List> Add New Currency> Name> Code> Symbol> Convert Rate USD =?> Save.}

Whether buying or selling a multi-currency account enables you to move money cost-effectively. Following the picture, the number to Add New Currency to fill all empty boxes like Name, Code, Symbol, Convert rate 1 USD & Save. 

1- Add New Currency

2- Name

3- Code

4- Symbol

5- Convert Rate USD =?

6- Save it.


Add a new tag for professionals working in the marketing analytics space. A web tag is a tool used to gather data to add functionality to a website. You can add tags one at a time by clicking the Add button or hitting the Enter keyboard after typing each tag or you can add multiple tags at a time by separating them with a comma as you type. 

Short Direction: {Amazcart Dashboard> Setup> Tag> Add New Tag> Name> Save it> Tags> ID> Name> Select> Copy ID> Edit> Delete.} 

Categories and tags are not critical for SEO. However, they can affect other elements that influence your search engine rankings, such as your site's overall user experience. So add a tag to a relatable name or any word representing your website & save it. You also can rewrite or delete your tag on the select option.

1- Tag

2- Add a new Tag

3- Name

4- Save it

5- Tags

6- ID

7- Name

8- Select for Copy ID, Edit, and Delete.    


Add Country:

A multi-regional website is one that explicitly targets users in different countries. A hosting server location does impact your website speed and SEO ranking. The further your server location is from target users, the slower your website. Companies choose a server overseas to save costs or for better server infrastructure.

Short Direction: {Amazcart> Dashboard> Setup> Location> Country> Add Country> Name> Code> Phone Code> Browse Image Flag> Status> Save> Country List> SL> Name> Code> Flag> Phone Code> Status> Action> Select> Edit.}

It's easy to change the country location when adding a country. You have to know the Name short form, Code, Phone Code, and Browse image to add the country Flag. You can change the Status to active or inactive & then Save. 

1- Country

2- Add Country

3- Name

4- Code

5- Phone Code

6- Browse Image Flag

7- Status

8- Save

9- Country List

10- SL means Serial Number

11- Name

12- Code

13- Flag

14- Phone Code

15- Status

16- Action

17- Select for Edit.


E-commerce is an increasingly attractive and smart way to build the multiple income streams you need for real wealth. The State of E-commerce is a landmark study intended to inform new standards of excellence and provide clear calls to action for winning in eCommerce. The country or state available for services on your website is important to capturing your unique audience.

Short Direction: {Amazcart Dashboard> Setup> Location> State> Add state> Name> Country List> Status> Save it> State List> SL> Name> Country> Status> Action> Select> edit.}

Creating an eCommerce experience sure to delight your customers can be as simple as tracking your website services availability. If you want to add the state on your site, go to the setup & you will see the add state interface. Add the state Name, which is more obtainable &

accessible for customers.

1- State

2- Add state

3- Name

4- Country List

5- Status

6- Save it

7- State List

8- SL means Serial Number

9- Name

10- Country

11- Status

12- Action

13- Select for edit.


E-commerce businesses can define their perfect business locations and focus their marketing efforts on bringing more customers from those areas. Location plays a huge role in attracting and retaining the best employees. Good location decisions can significantly boost a company's long-term performance. Poor ones can cost millions in lost talent, productivity, and capital.

Short Direction: {Amazcart> Dashboard> Setup> Location> City> Add City> Name> Country List> State List> Status> Save> City List> SL> Name> Country> State> Status> Action> Select> Edit.}

City location data can enhance the online presence of a business, keep customers informed and enable retailers to manage their staff better. If you want to add new city services to your website, then follow the instruction to fill in the Name, Country List, and State list to find the available place.

1- City

2- Add City

3- Name

4- Country List

5- State List

6- Status

7- Save

8- City List

9- SL means Serial Number

10- Name

11- Country

12- State

13- Status

14- Action

15- Select for Edit.