13th Feb, 2023

Cron is a utility program that lets users input commands for scheduling tasks repeatedly at a specific time. Tasks scheduled in cron are called cron jobs. Users can determine what kind of task they want to automate and when it should be executed.  

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Marketing> Marketing Setting> Configuration> News Letter Cronjob URL> Bulk SMS CornJob URL.}

To include a link in any text message, just type or paste the full URL into your text. Most messaging platforms will automatically turn the URL into a link that allows contacts to click and access the linked page.

1- Marketing Setting

2- Configuration

3- News Letter Cronjob URL, Cron jobs are stored in a crontab file by username. These files should not be edited directly. The crontab command should always be used to make changes.

4- Bulk SMS CornJob URL