How To Work Multivendor in AmazCart

4th May, 2023

As the name suggests, an AmazCart multi-vendor website module or store is a platform for third-party vendors to sell in one place. In simple terms, it is a big shop that contains various small shops that are run by individual sellers.

Amazcart Dashboard:


1. Dashboard

At the top menu of the left sidebar is Dashboard. There are several viewports in the dashboard. we can see the number of products, sellers, customers etc. at a glance. A summary of the system is important. After login vendor can see the update for that day.

2. Toggle Bar

To hide and show the side menu bar.

3. Website

The button leads you to the main website.

4. Language

Amazcart is delivered to you equipped in different languages: English and Bangla. You can also add language with your own customisation.

5. Quick Menu

Most important quick are there so that a vendor can find easily.

6. Knowledge Base

This link can lead the vendor to Knowledge Base.

7. Notification

Different types of notifications are created in the system. You can find it here.

8. Profile

The vendors can see their profiles, change their existing passwords, update profile settings etc. The logout button is at the bottom of this profile section.

9. Shop Link

Visit your shop on the website.

10. Today

When the vendor login to the system he shows the todays summary.

11. This Week

By clicking this week vendor can show this week's summary.

12. This Month

By clicking this month vendor can show this month's summary.

13. This Year

By clicking this year vendor can show this year's summary.

Top Sale and Latest Uploaded Product List:


Latest Order and Refund Request:


Personal Notification Setting:

Personal Notification Setting.png1683198396.png

You can set up which notification you want to get.

1. Setting

Lead you to the notification setting page.

2. Read All

This will mark the notification as read.

3. View

View all notifications.

Shop Link Website View:


Subscription Payment:

Amazcart Subscription Payment.png1683198757.png


This is your personal wallet. You can recharge it and buy anything from the website using your wallet balance.

1. Recharge

The vendor can recharge from here.

2. Withdraw

Vendors can withdraw from here.

Amazcart Transactions.png1683198935.png

Amazcart My Wallet (Recharge):

1. Continue

The recharge process will start after pressing the continue button.

Amazcart My Wallet (Recharge).png1683198986.png

Amazcart My Wallet (Withdraw):

1. Send

Withdraw request will be sent.

Amazcart My Wallet (Withdraw).png1683199025.png

Amazcart Withdraw:

You can see the withdrawal requests.

1. Edit

Withdraw details can be updated.

Amazcart Withdraw.png1683199057.png

Amazcart My Staff:

Staffs are like your company employee. You can use them to do specific tasks.

1. Add New Staff

Vendors can create new staff.

2. Action

Vendors can view, edit and delete staff.

Amazcart My Staff.png1683199300.png

Amazcart Staff (Create):

1. Save

Save the staff.

Amazcart Staff (Create).png1683199360.png

Amazcart Staff (Access Permission):

Every staff and user has a specific role. The role means what a user can do. Different types of permissions are given to a specific role.

1. Submit

Vendors can set what a staff can do. Specific staff can perform specific tasks.

Amazcart Staff (Access Permission).png1683199391.png

Amazcart Product List:

You can find the product list here.

1. Product List

The product list is shown here.

2. Action

Vendors can view, edit and delete the product.

Amazcart Product List.png1683199455.png

Amazcart My Product List:

Amazcart My Product List.png1683199508.png

Amazcart Alert List:

Amazcart Alert List.png1683199541.png

Amazcart Out Of Stock List:

Amazcart Out Of Stock List.png1683199574.png

Amazcart Disabled Product List:

Amazcart Disabled Product List.png1683199607.png

Amazcart Add Product:

Amazcart Add Product.png1683199644.png

Amazcart Add New Product:

1. Save

Save the product.

Amazcart Add New Product.png1683199684.png

Amazcart Add Existing Product:

1. Save

Save the product.

Amazcart Add Existing Product.png1683199765.png

Amazcart My Product Review:

The reviews of your own product. You can also reply to the review.

1. Reply

Reply to customer.

Amazcart My Product Review.png1683199805.png

Review Reply To Customer:

Review Reply To Customer.png1683199837.png

Amazcart My Review:

As you are a seller, users can also review your store. You can find your review here.

Amazcart My Review.png1683199875.png

Amazcart Confirmed Order:

Here you can find the order of your product. In different tabs, you can find different order lists.

Amazcart Confirmed Order.png1683199954.png

Shipping Rates:

1. Shipping Rates

You can find all shipping rates list.

2. Add New Rates

Add new shipping rates shown here.

3. Activation

You can active/inactive shipping rates.

4. Action

Update & Delete shipping rates shown here.

Shipping Rates.png1683199999.png

Pickup Locations:

1. Pickup Locations

You can find all pickup location lists.

2. Add New Pickup Location

Add the new pickup location shown here.

3. Action

Update, Details & Delete Pickup Location shown here.

4. Activation

You can use active/inactive pickup locations.

5. Set Pickup Location

You can set default pickup locations.

Pickup Locations.png1683200041.png

Shipping Orders:

1. Shipping Orders

You can find the order list for shipping.

2. Order Filter

You can order filter by date, carrier, shipping method, and tracking ID.

3. Change the Pickup Point

You can change the pickup point when shipping.

4. Action

You can generate labels, invoices, packaging & shipping.

Shipping Orders.png1683200088.png

Amazcart Completed Order:

Amazcart Completed Order.png1683200135.png

Amazcart Pending Payment Order:

Amazcart Pending Payment Order.png1683200164.png

Amazcart Refused Order:

Amazcart Refused Order.png1683200198.png

Amazcart Order Details:

1. Print

The vendor can print the order details page.

2. Update

The vendor can update the delivery status.

Amazcart Order Details.png1683200282.png

Amazcart My Refund Requests:

My Refund Requests

As you are a seller you will find your own product refund requests here.

1. Action

View refund details.

Amazcart My Refund Requests.png1683200376.png

Amazcart My Ticket:

My Ticket

You will find your own support ticket which you created.

1. Search

Search your support ticket according to category, priority and status.

2. Action

View and edit your support ticket.

3. Add a New

Create a new support ticket.

Amazcart My Ticket.png1683200485.png

Amazcart Support Ticket (Create):

1. Create a Ticket

Save the support ticket.

Amazcart Support Ticket (Create).png1683200546.png

Amazcart Product:

The product stock list is here.

Amazcart Product.png1683200581.png

Amazcart Top Customer:

You can find the top customer who spent the most.

Amazcart Top Customer.png1683200630.png

Amazcart Top Selling Item:

You can find the report of the product which has sold the most.

Amazcart Top Selling Item.png1683200661.png

Amazcart Order:

You can find the order report here. You can filter the report according to your necessary.

Amazcart Order.png1683200712.png

Amazcart Review:

You can find the product review report here.

Amazcart Review.png1683200741.png

Amazcart Sidebar Manage:

You can rearrange the sidebar from here by drag and drop.

Amazcart Sidebar Manage.png1683200828.png

Amazcart My Purchases:

My Purchase

Whatever you purchase from the website you can find it here. You can also see different types of details of your orders.

1. Purchase List

View the purchased products.

2. To Pay

View the paying product list.

3. To Ship

View the shipping product list.

4. To Recieve

View the receiving product list.

5. Download Invoice

Download the invoice.

Amazcart My Purchases.png1683200856.png

Amazcart Gift Card:

If you buy any gift card, you can find it here. You can use the gift card to recharge your wallet.

1. View

View the secret code.

2. Redeem

By clicking the redeem button you can add the balance to your wallet.

Amazcart Gift Card.png1683200943.png

Amazcart Digital Product:

If you buy any digital product, you can find it here.

1. Save

Save the setting.

Amazcart Digital Product.png1683201028.png

Amazcart My Wishlist:

If you add any product to your wishlist you can find it here.

Amazcart My Wishlist.png1683201074.png

Amazcart Refund & Dispute:

When you request any product for refund You can see it here.

Amazcart Refund & Dispute.png1683201138.png

Amazcart My Coupon:

If you want to save any coupon for later use you can save it here.

1. Add

Add the coupon for later use.

2. Delete

Delete the coupon.

Amazcart My Coupon.png1683201218.png

Amazcart My Account:

You can find your personal information here.

2. Update

Update basic information.

Amazcart My Account.png1683201249.png

Amazcart My Account(Change Password):

Update the old password.

Amazcart My Account(Change Password).png1683201279.png

Amazcart My Account(Address):

You can add a new address to your account.

7. Edit

The address can be edited.

Amazcart My Account(Address).png1683201305.png

Amazcart My Account (Add New Address):

Save the new address.

Amazcart My Account Add New Address.png1683201713.png

Amazcart My Referral:

Using a referral code users can get discounts. You can get your referral code from here and see the users who used your referral code.

Amazcart My Referral.png1683201749.png