19th Jan, 2023

My Ticket:

A support ticket gives a customer's complaint a unique id that can be contacted by support agents using the ticket ID as a reference. This saves customers time because they don't have to reiterate their worries to each agent. Once a frequently asked question or request comes in, automation can direct the customer to self-service channels.

Short Direction: {Amazcart> Dashboard> Support Ticket> My Ticket> Category> Priority> Status> Search> Ticket List> SL> Subject> Category> User Name> Priority> User Agent> Status> Action> Select.}

If you want to recheck your ticket status then find the support ticket to My ticket option, when you will go to the new interface to see the short way to find your ticket condition as Category, Priority, Status & Search the new pending or closed ticket.

1- My Ticket

2- Category

3- Priority

4- Status

5- Search

6- Ticket List

7- SL

8- Subject

9- Category

10- User Name

11- Priority

12- User Agent

13- Status

14- Action

15- Select For Show

Ticket Info:

This is the final stage in the ticket that has to close the ticket even after resolution to remove it from the queue. With a Support Response, you're showing real concern and empathy. 

Short Direction: {Amazcart> Dashboard> Support Ticket> My Ticket> Ticket info> Attachment> Add your Comment> Attach File> Plus> Status> Reply Ticket.}

If you want to reply to your ticket status then go to the My Ticket option to find the right side on the corner to click select & you will see the ‘Show’ option to the conversation. Ticket Info shows you the ticket ID, Subject, Priority, Category, Status, User Name, Submit Date & Assign name.

1- My Ticket

2- Ticket info

3- Attachment

4- Add your Comment

5- Attach File

6- Plus

7- Status

8- Reply Ticket.