Setup In-app purchase

28th Aug, 2023

Setup in app purchase for iOS

1. To enable in app purchase you need to enable paid apps option in

2. Then go to and create an account.

3. Navigate to the RevenueCat dashboard and add a new project from the dropdown in the top navigation menu called Projects.

4. From Project Settings > Apps in the left menu of the project dashboard, select App Store

Overview for configuring in-app purchases



Set your app name, app bundle id and click save


5. Go to App Store connect, select your app and in the sidebar, select 'Manage' under In-App Purchases, and click the '+' symbol.


You will be presented with a modal where you select the type of in-app purchase you want to add to your app.

There's two types of product you can add:

Consumable (can be purchased multiple times)Non-consumable (can't be purchased multiple times)

Note: If you want different price for each course, you have to select Non-consumable, and set a product name, pricing etc. Or you can set one product name for all the course, then you have to set Consumable. Then all the course will have same price and same product id.

Next, you'll be asked to provide a Reference Name and a Product ID.

Reference Name: The reference name will be used on App Store Connect and in Sales and Trends reports from Apple. It won't be displayed to your users on the App Store. We recommend using a human readable description of the purchase you plan to set up. The name can't be longer than 64 characters.

Product ID: The product Id is a unique alphanumeric ID that is used for accessing your product in development and syncing with RevenueCat. After you use a Product ID for one product in App Store Connect, it can’t be used again across any of your apps, even if the product is deleted. It helps to be a little organized here from the beginning - we recommend using a consistent naming scheme across all of your product identifiers such as: course_id_price_course_name

Example for Non-consumable:


Example for Consumable:


6. Make sure to add this product id in each courses in web panel, it will be used to purchase that particular course


7. Set the product Pricing, App store localization and Review Information. You can set the course screenshot from app for review screenshot


8. From your RevenueCat Dashboard, Select your project. From the sidebar Select Product Setup -> Products and add the product you set in appstoreconnect.Make sure the product identifier is the same in all places (Revenuecat, appstoreconnect, web panel)


9. After submitting the app to app store, you'll see both your app and in-app purchase products in review. 

Screenshot 2022-09-23 at 5.16.56 PM.png1663932587.png

You can check RevenueCat guide for more details.

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