How to assign subjects And Review The List of Subject AlAssigned

30th Sep, 2022

In this option, you can easily customise class routines for each, Add subjects, or remove subjects.

How to assign subjects to teachers

To assign a subject to a teacher of a specific class and section, you can click on the Assign Subject button.

Now you will be redirected to another page where you will be able to search based on Class and Section. After selecting Class and Section, click on Search.

After clicking on Search, You will be able to see all the list of all Teachers assigned to that specific Class and Section. 

To assign subjects to a teacher, just click on the Plus button you see at the top of the list.

After clicking on the plus button,you will be able to see that a new field has been added to the list of assigned subjects.

How To Review The Assigned Subject List

Now, go back to the Assign Subject option.

And Search using the same Class and Section which you used to assign Subjects to Teachers before and then click on Search. 

Now you will be able to see the new subject that you configured just now is added to the list of assigned subjects.