How To Review The List Of All Certificates Configured Under Your Infixlms System And How To Edit Or Delete Certificates.

27th Oct, 2022

 In this option, you will be able to review the list of all certificates configured under your infixlms system and how to edit or delete certificates. You can also assign certificates to specific courses, exams or quiz tests.

You can see the list of all certificates in this section.

You can View[1] and Download[2] your certificate template, and make the certificate default for Course[4], Quiz[5] and Live Class[6]. You can Edit[7] or Delete[8] your certificate templates.

You can Add a new Certificate by clicking on the Add Button.

After you click on the Add button, you will be forwarded to the Add Certificate page. To learn more about how to add a new certificate template, you can visit this page -