How InfixLMS Dashboard works

21st Oct, 2022

The dashboard visually displays all information on your website in a single place. You can access your dashboard at the top and the left sidebar.

You can see the number of students, instructors, subjects, etc., at a glance. A summary of the Revenue and Expenses is very important for the ERP system. After login in, a user can track updates on a daily basis in the dashboard.

You can Search[1], go to the front page of your website by clicking on Website[2]Change Language[3], Check Notifications[4], Check chats[5], View and edit profile Information[6], Total number of Students[7]Instructors[8]Subjects[9]Enrolled[10], Enrolled Amount[11]Revenue[12], Total students Enrolled Today[13] and This Month[14].

You can review the Monthly Income Stats[15] and Payment Statistics for the current month[16].

Review information such as Recent Enrols[17], Status Overview of Topics[18], and Overview of Topics[19].

You can also review information such as Total Student by each course[20] and Daily Wise Enroll[21].

Review User Login Chart(By Date)[22], User login chart(By Time)[23].