How To Add, Edit, And Delete FAQ's From The Faq Section On The Homepage.

28th Oct, 2022

In this option, you will be able to add, edit, and delete faq's from the FAQ section on the homepage. 

To add a new faq click on the Add FAQ Button.

After clicking on the ADD FAQ button, You should see a popup where you can add Questions[1] and Answer[2] for that specific question. Finally, click on the Save FAQ[3] button to save your new FAQ.

After clicking on the Add FAQ button, you should see a new FAQ added to the list of FAQs.

You can enable or disable your FAQ questions by clicking on the Slide Button.

You can edit or delete your FAQ"s by clicking on Action[1] > Edit[2] or Delete[3].

After you are done with adding and editing your FAQ Question, they should appear under the FAQ Section of the InfixLMS Homepage.