How To Manage And Personalize Header Menus

14th Jul, 2023

In this option, you will be able to manage and customize the header menu of the InfixLMS website.

You can add custom Pages[1], Static Pages[2], Category[3], Courses[4], Quizzes[5], Live Class[6], and Custom Links[7] to your heater menu.

When you want to add a new header menu, you should find options such as Select An Option[1], Select All[2], and Finally, click on Add Menu[3].

After clicking on the Add Menu button, You should see the new menu in the Menu List.

You can edit the details of any header menu, by clicking on the settings icon()

You can edit options such as Navigation Label[1], and Link[2], enable Open in a new tab[3], Use it in the mega menu[4], and define show direction[5]. Finally, click on Update[6] to save your edits.

Header menu in how to set the drop-down menu

If you want to create a header menu in the drop-down menu Then click and hold the menu to move it to the right and release it.
You can even add a header to all the options available in the dropdown menu. A user can change the InfixLMS Header menu to a drop-down menu to a list of options that is revealed only when a user interacts with the menu, either by clicking it or hovering over it with their cursor.