How To Add, Edit or Delete Testimonials

28th Oct, 2022

In this option, you will be able to add, edit or delete testimonials.

You can add the main testimonial text in the Body Text Field[1], the Author's Name[2], and the Profession[3] of that author, and set a star-based review in the Star Field[4]. You set 1 to up to 5 starts as the value in the star field. You can add an image in your testimonial from the Image Field[5]. You can also set the testimonial status as Active or Inactive from the Status[6] Field. Finally, click on the Save[7] button to save and publish your testimonial.

After you're finished configuring the new Testimonial, you should see the new testimonial in the section you see on the left.

Now, Visit the Home page and scroll down until you find the "What Our Studnet Have to Say", section. You should see your newly created testimonial in this section.

You can active or deactivate your testimonial status by clicking on the Slide Button.

You can edit or delete your testimonial by clicking on Select > Edit or Delete.