How To Find The Add Quiz, Manage Question & Mark Register?

17th Mar, 2023

Add Quiz:

Add online quiz is much shorter than a traditional test or exam and is rarely impactful on a final course grade. Quizzes and exams serve as significant formative and summative assessments that can focus and motivate students learning as well as provide critical feedback to the instructor. 

Short Direction: {Infix LMS> Dashboard> Add Quiz> Add Online Quiz> Quiz Title> Instruction> Category> Sub Category> Group> Minimum Percentage> Set Random Question> Change Default Settings> Save Online Quiz> Online Quiz List> SL> Title> Group> Category> Date> Status> Action> Select.}

These online quizzes are used to categorise, percentages or you can set them on the random question section to help them remember the content they just covered and to help assess what they learned.

1- Add a Quiz

2- Add an Online Quiz

3- Quiz Title

4- Instruction

5- Category

6- Sub Category

7- Group

8- Minimum Percentage

9- Set Random Question

10- Change Default Settings

11- Save Online Quiz

12- Online Quiz List

13- SL means serial number.

14- Title

15- Group

16- Category

17- Date

18- Status

19- Action

20- Select for managing questions, mark register, edit & delete.

Add Quiz.png1679044548.png

Manage Question:

If you want to find the set question or manage question then go to the add quiz to find the right-side corner action button to click on the manage question. This section is designed for the quiz details mark or the question list on auto result only allows in MCQ. 

Short Direction: {Infix LMS> Dashboard> Add Quiz> Set Question> Question list (Auto result only allow in MCQ)> Group> Question Type> Question> Marks> Image> Quiz Details> Title> Passing> Total Marks> Total questions.} 

It allows you to summarize the question section on the management part. Those are the details thing of the title, passing, total marks & total questions.

1-  Add a Quiz

2- Set Question

3- Question list (Auto result only allow in MCQ)

4- Group

5- Question Type

6- Question

7- Marks

8- Image

9- Quiz Details

10- Title

11- Passing

12- Total Marks

13- Total questions

Manage Question.png1679044572.png

Mark Register:

This section shows the result view of the quiz mark list, also you can Re-Test the quiz, by viewing the marking script. If you want to go to the Mark Register then find the Quiz module on your dashboard to click on the Add Quiz to see the right side of the select option below the mark register. 

Short Direction: {Infix LMS> Dashboard> Add Quiz> Result View> Type> Search> SL> Date> Student> Status> Result> Duration> Obtain Marks> Action> Select.}

If you want to find this interface then go to the Add Quiz to Action below to the click on mark register option.

1- Add a Quiz

2- Result View

3- Type

4- Search

5- SL means Serial Number.

6- Date

7- Student

8- Status

9- Result

10- Duration

11- Obtain Marks

12- Action

13- Select for View marking Script, Re-Test.     

Mark Register.png1679044596.png