How Does InfixLMS Quiz Reporting Work?

17th Mar, 2023

Quiz Report:

InfixLMS Quiz reports show the average grade for individual students on a quiz and a comparison between individual quiz question results and overall quiz results. This Quiz Report briefly test result from a student's level of comprehension regarding course material, providing teachers with insights into student progress and any existing knowledge gaps.

Short Direction: {Infix LMS> Dashboard> Quiz Report> Advance Filter> Category> Course Type> Student Status> Filter> Result View> Export> SL> Student> Course> Quiz> Pass Rate> Marks> Result> Start At> End At> Status> Plus> Duration.} 

Quiz Reports for more information regarding your class and specific individual students for every quiz and lesson assignment. Each quiz/lesson status can be failed in an individual student's attempt at a question.

1- Quiz Report

2- Advance Filter

3- Category

4- Course Type

5- Student Status

6- Filter

7- Result View

8- Export

9- SL means the serial number

10- Student

11- Course

12- Quiz

13- Pass Rate

14- Marks

15- Result

16- Start At

17- End At

18- Status

19- Plus

20- Duration.