What is the process for setting up quizzes in InfixLMS?

17th Mar, 2023

Quiz Setup:

You can add an existing quiz or create a new quiz in a course module. When creating a new quiz, you can select the New Quizzes or Classic Quizzes quiz setup. This Quiz Setup section will be operating per question time count, question review, and random or multiple attend. 

Short Direction: {Infix LMS> Dashboard> Quiz Setup> Per Question time count> Per Question Time Count (Minute)> Question Review> Random Question> Multiple Attend> Same Page Show Question & Explanation> See Answer Sheet> Losing Focus Acceptance> Save Setup.}

You also have the right to mark or unmark on the same page to show questions & explanations, see the answer sheet or lose focus acceptance. 

1- Quiz Setup

2- Per Question time count

3- Per Question Time Count (Minute)

4- Question Review

5- Random Question

6- Multiple Attend

7- Same Page Show Question & Explanation

8- See the Answer Sheet

9- Losing Focus Acceptance

10- Save Setup.