3rd Feb, 2023

Why should we put assignments online? As mentioned above, with the use of any tools or methods in our courses, there should be a clear pedagogical reason for using them. Some assignments simply cannot be done on paper. For example, you can have students work with a simulation (in two or three dimensions) to see what happens when they change one element. Or they can see full-colour pictures or artwork to analyze or critique. Allow yourself to think beyond the limitations of paper-based assignments to create new ways to enhance your students’ learning.

Short Direction: {Infix LMS> Dashboard> Assignment> Add> List> Add Assignment> Title> Course> Marks> Min Percentage> Attachment> Submit Date> Description> Save.}

If you would like support applying these tips to submitting your own Assignment, the go-to Sign in Infix LMS is to click on the dashboard to find the Assignment list, you will see the additional option to attach your assignment. 

1- List

2- Add Assignment

3- Title

4- Course

5- Marks

6- Min Percentage

7- Attachment

8- Submit Date

9- Description

10- Save it.

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