3rd Feb, 2023

Many types of assignments can be done online. Some options are outlined below as well as decision-making criteria for using online assignments in a course and course design questions to consider as you start to integrate online assignments into your course. By thinking about the reasons for using them and answering the design questions, you will be able to integrate these engaging tools in a meaningful way with the rest of your course.

Short Direction: {Infix LMS> Dashboard> Assignment> List> Assignment List> Add> SL> Title> Course> Marks> Mini Percentage> Submit Date> Action> Select As View, Assign, Edit, Marking & Delete.

It is often difficult to imagine what kinds of assignments can be put online if you have never used technology in your teaching. Basically, technology can be used to put almost any assignment online. The key, though, is to have a clear rationale for doing so.

1- List from all of the Assignment

2- Assignment List

3- Add the assignment that you already made for submission. 

4- SL

5- Title

6- Course

7- Marks

8- Mini Percentage

9- Submit Date

10- Action

11- Select As View, Assign, Edit, Marking & Delete it.