3rd Feb, 2023

Creating and selling online courses can be quite lucrative if you're able to provide great content and reach your target market. Plus, with existing modern platforms, you can launch your course and start making money right away.

Short Direction: {Infix LMS> Sign In with Student ID> Dashboard> Check Cart> TesT Course 1> Add Cart to buy your Course> Super Admin> Software Development> Review> Overview/ Curriculum/ Instructor/ Reviews/ QA> Course Rate> Add To Bookmarks> Course Description> Add To Cart/ Buy Now> This Course Including Details.

If you want to buy a course then go to the  Sign In with Student ID to find the infix LMS dashboard to Check Cart or click Test Course 1 that you already bought or want to buy a new course then click the Add Cart to buy your Course.

1- Super Admin

2- Software Development

3- Review

4- Overview/ Curriculum/ Instructor/ Reviews/ QA

5- Course Rate

6- Add To Bookmarks

7- Course Description

8- Add To Cart/ Buy Now

9- This Course Including Details.

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