3rd Feb, 2023

Online course for group lists is important to assign everyone to acknowledge the new assignment or any of the information provided to them. When students begin their first online classes, there are a lot of myths that need to be busted. For example, many students assume they'll be working primarily on their own to submit class assignments. When they discover a group project on the syllabus, they're often surprised. Group work is just one-way course designers and instructors can ensure the learning experience meets the quality standards for online education, especially the standards for active learning and student interaction. 

  Short Direction: {Infix LMS> Dashboard> Group List> Add New> SL> Name> Course> Taught Date> Minimum Enroll> Total Instructors> Total Assign> Group Status> Action> Plus Button> Progress> Status> Cancel> Select as Show, Edit, Delete & Member.}

Collaborative assignments not only let you get to know your classmates better, but they also encourage the exchange of ideas and information. Each student brings a unique perspective and background to the work, allowing everyone to learn from one another. Group assignments can also prepare you for jobs after graduation when working in a team is often essential for success.

1- Group List

2- Add a New

3- SL

4- Name

5- Course

6- Taught Date

7- Minimum Enroll

8- Total Instructors

9- Total Assign

10- Group Status

11- Action

12- Select Show, Edit, Delete & Member

13- Plus Button

14- Progress

15- Status

16- Cancel