A Guide To The InfixLMS Gamification Features

19th Jun, 2023

You may "gamify" your eLearning experience with InfixLMS to keep users interested and motivated throughout their course. InfixLMS provides some of the most popular and "battle-tested" gamification strategies to do this:

Let's take a look at these features and how they might help "power up" your training portal:


Points are mainly used for "keeping score".

InfixLMS provides a number of options for configuring when and how many points are granted to your users (for example, each login rewards X points, each unit completion awards Y points, and so on). When users receive a "Congratulations!" message, their total is instantly updated on the top-bar display.

Points are a simple, unobtrusive technique to encourage your students' competitive spirit (both with others and with themselves).

Note: Logins (1 hour), unit completion (20 seconds), discussion comments (3 minutes), and discussion comment upvotes (30 seconds) are all timed intervals. More frequent logins, unit completions, discussion comments, and discussion comment upvotes will earn you only a few points.



Badges are used to highlight the milestones in a user's progress.

InfixLMS offers a broad range of badge categories (i.e., Activity, Learning, etc.) that are unlocked whenever one of the preset milestones (i.e., 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 logins) is reached.

The InfixLMS badges are simple to obtain initially but grow more difficult as the user goes through their training. When a person earns a badge, they are greeted with a "Congratulations!" message, and the badge is put on their profile.

Badges improve your students' sense of progress and motivation.


Levels represent a user's development stages.

For User upgrading, InfixLMS has three customisable choices (i.e., Upgrade level for every X point, Upgrade level for every Y completed courses, and Upgrade level for every Z badge). By default, every user starts at "Level 1." Levels may be used to limit User access to courses by making them available from a specified level and onwards.

Note: Courses that are locked for some levels are labelled as Unlocked on level X on the Course catalog instead of Get or Buy.

Levels reassure your students that they are progressing by expanding their skill set.


Leaderboards are used as a public "scoreboard".

InfixLMS offers five options for ranking users (i.e., Levels, Points, Badges, Courses, and Certifications) based on their current performance.

Leaderboards allow learners to compare themselves to the best and can drive certain learners to exercise more frequently and more effectively.


Rewards are tangible gains for users that move forward.

InfixLMS allows you to easily turn your users' virtual gains (such as Points, Badges, and Levels) into actual ones. Currently, you may only provide discounts on course costs based on a user's total points, total badges, or current level.

Rewards provide your users with an extra motive to excel in their training.

Gamification widget

On the Gamification widget, learners may view their gamification totals and ranks. All they have to do is click Progress on their dashboard's right-hand panel.