How To Setup Open AI?

25th Apr, 2023

Open AI Setup:

Open AI is a powerful tool that provides access to a range of high-powered content-learning models in InfixLMS. This OpenAI can create Couse titles, blog posts, and other descriptions that enable humanizing AI experiences, and build applications that extend the power of human language.

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> AI Content> Setup> Open AI Setup> Open AI Model> AI Default Language> AI Tones> Max Result Length> AI Creativity> Open Secrete Key> Save.} 

If you want to set on the Open AI for your InfixLMS system or want to generate your course, or blog post then go to the Admin panel to find the AI Content module to click on the Setup option.

1- Setup

2- Open AI Setup

3- Open AI Model

4- AI Default Language

5- AI Tones

6- Max Result Length

7- AI Creativity

8- Open secrete Key

9- Save it.  

Open AI Setup.png1682425568.png

Here are the details of the AI tone & Open AI model section that are available for the user. Admin can use their one desire whatever they want to change the AI Tone & model. 

AI Tones.png1682425644.png Open AI Model.png1682425654.png