How To Add General Noticeboard

19th Apr, 2023

General Notices:

This section is used for the new module, subscription or providing maintenance information. A super admin can set on this notice that a new user would like to acknowledge the upcoming new service or want to attach the upgrade of the system.

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> Noticeboard> General Notices> General Noticeboard> Add General Noticeboard> SL> Title> Role> Sender> Type> Send At> Status> Action> Add General Noticeboard> Title> Type> Role> Message> Save General Noticeboard.}  

All students entered the platform using their own e-mail accounts in order to easily notify each & every one, and get access to homework or tasks assigned to them by the teacher been noticed and analysed before.

1- General Notices

2- General Noticeboard

3- Add General Noticeboard

4- SL means serial number. 

5- Title

6- Role

7- Sender

8- Type

9- Send At

10- Status

11- Action for edit or delete.

12- Add General Noticeboard

13- Title

14- Type

15- Role

16- Message

17- Save General Noticeboard.

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Add General Noticeboard.png1681882907.png