Virtual Class List

15th Mar, 2023

Virtual Class List:

To schedule a Virtual class, you have to fill in the Title, Description and Assign Instructor. You can assign another Instructor to specify the class duration in Per Class (in Minutes) Field. Select the Category and Sub-category. Although select if the class is free, by the way, It's not a free class, depends on the user. You can add images from this Field, Specify, View Scope, Language, Type, Date, Time, Host, and Password. Now select if it's a recurring class from the Recurring Field. If you select Yes from the recurring field, you should see some more options, such as Recurring type, Select how many times you want to continue recurring the class.

Short Direction: {Infix LMS> Dashboard> Virtual Class List> Add Class> Class List> SL> Title> Category> Sub-Category> Status> Plus> Language/ Duration/ Fees/ Type/ Start Date/ End Date/ Time> Action> Title> Description> Assign Instructor> Assistant Instructor> Duration Per Class> Category> Sub-Category> This Class is free> Fees> Image> View Scope> Language> Type> Date> Time> Host> Password> Recurring> Attached File> Certificate> Save Class.} 

You can attach files from Attach Files Field and assign certificates for completing the classes from the Certificate Field. Finally, click the Save class to finish your configurations.

1- Virtual Class List

2- Add Class

3- Class List

4- SL means serial number.

5- Title

6- Category

7- Sub-Category

8- Status

9- Plus

10- Language/ Duration/ Fees/ Type/ Start Date/ End Date/ Time are shown in a details way. 

11- Action click for Details, Edit or Delete. 

12- Title

13- Description

14- Assign Instructor

15- Assistant Instructor

16- Duration Per Class

17- Category

18- Sub-Category

19- This Class is free

20- Fees

21- Image

22- View Scope

23- Language

24- Type

25- Date

26- Time

27- Host in zoom.

28- Password

29- Recurring are ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

30- Browse the attached file.

31- Certificate

32- Save Class. 

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