How To Update Old To New Version (v6.0.0)

4th Jul, 2023

Warning: You must back up all your current databases before updating.

First Setp:

Please download the updated file from where you purchased the application. The zip file is inside two files in it called the vendor and another is the update dot.

Second step: The user will have to log in to the cPanel or server, and then go to the project folder. The user will upload the “vendor & App” file and then unzip it. The old fill will be replaced automatically. If not replace it then remove the previous “vendor” folder. 

Third step: There is a folder named Bootstrap, then click on the Cache Folder, all the data inside Cache will be deleted carefully.

01. cPanel login

02. cPanel to click on the File Manager.

04. Upload to your (Vandor File & App) in the project directory

05. Upload successfully

06. Extract the zip file in Vandor, App, Modules & Routes.

07. Extract 2

08. Extracting

9. Extract Successfully

10. Bootstrap to click on the Cache Folder

11. Bootstrap to select the cache folder to include all files deleted.

12. Delete confirmation

13. After deleting the bootstrap to the cache folder including all files.

14. About & Update:

Log in to the user's application, then go to the general settings to find the About and Update section. If you upload it there, it will take the update.

How To Manually Update Old To New Version process 

Manual Method:

This is the second step to users can update their Applications. If you want to manually Update Infixlms' old version to the new version then follow the instruction below.

Step 1: app>Providers> Replace 2 files, name: AppServiceProvider.php and AuthServiceProvider.php

Step 2: app> Http> Replace 2 files, name: Kernel.php

Step 3: app> Http>Middleware> Replace 3 files, name: XSS.php, VerifyCsrfToken.php and TrustProxies.php

This replacement option can use in Hostinger.