Canceling a student from InfixLMS

16th Mar, 2023

Canceled Student:

In this option, you will be able to review a custom list of all enrolled students and how to refund fees and cancel student membership. You can set up a custom search for all enrolled students by selecting information such as Course, Start Date, and End Date. 

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> Canceled Student> Filter Cancel History> Select Course> Select Start Date> Select end Date> Filter History> Canceled Student List> SL> Image> Name> Email Address> Courses Canceled> Price> Canceled Date> Refund Status> Action.}

Finally, click the Filter History button to get the results. After clicking the button, you should see the list of all enrolled students matching the criteria. You can refund or cancel a student membership by clicking on Action to Refund or Cancel a course.

1- Canceled Student

2- Filter Cancel History

3- Select the Course

4- Select the Start Date

5- Select the end Date

6- Filter History

7- Canceled Student List

8- SL means serial number.

9- Image

10- Name

11- Email Address

12- Courses Canceled

13- Price

14- Canceled Date

15- Refund Status

16- Action for Refund Course.