How To Setup InfixLMS Student Setting

16th Mar, 2023


This infixLMS setting design for the registration field customization is separately functionalized as operating it manually like the Input field showing in registration, required field & editable field. Those included the thing of company, gender, student type, identification number, job title, date of birth, name & phone. 

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> Setting> Registration Field Customization> Input Field Showing in Registration> Required Field> Editable Field> Company> Gender> Student Type> Identification Number> Job Title> Date Of Birth> Name> Phone> Update.}

If you want to manually set the settings of the infix LMS section go to the student dashboard to find the settings option. 

1- Setting

2- Registration Field Customization

3- Input Field Showing in Registration

4- Required Field

5- Editable Field

6- Company

7- Gender

8- Student Type

9- Identification Number

10- Job Title

11- Date Of Birth

12- Name

13- Phone

14- Update it.