How To Add Frontend Theme Color in InfixLMS

8th Aug, 2023

Theme Color Scheme List:

Here is the colour list that you already made for the system properties, although users can change the status of theme activity, and global theme colour or they can make default the theme. If you want to update a new colour combination then click on the Add new[5] option. 

Short Direction:{InfixLMS> Dashboard> Appearance> Theme Color Scheme> Global Theme Color> Update> Frontend Theme Color> Add New> Title> Theme> Primary Color> Secondary Color> Status> Select> Color Theme List> Theme Title> Theme project> Make Deafult Theme> Reset To Deafult or Save.}

Add New Color Theme:

A color theme (also known as a choropleth map) is a themed map that colors or shades administrative regions based on the range in which the aggregated statistic of interest falls. Color themes can also be used to depict data that is not ordered.