How To Work Topic Comments

22nd May, 2023

Topic Comments:

The advantage of commenting is It shows that people have bothered to read your posts and appreciate them enough to have their say. Encourage your readers to comment on every post. 

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> Comments> Topic Comments> Advance Filter> Common Type> Common User> Common Course> Date> Reset> SL> Created Date> User> Topic> Select> QA> Question/ Comment.} 

The feedback they give you not only reassures you you're writing what they want, but they could also give you ideas for what to write next.

1- Topic Comments

2- Advance Filter

3- Common Type

4- Common User

5- Common Course

6- Date

7- Reset

8- SL means the serial number

9- Created Date

10- User

11- Topic

12- Select for view, reply or delete.

13- QA

14- Question/ Comment 

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If you want to see the all comment or full of conversations then go to the InfixLMS homepage to find any of course click on the QA section to get all of them.