1st Sep, 2023

InfixLMS Providers can give the right to cancel but are not required to do so. Meanwhile, if the course does not match the description or the level of teaching is underwhelming, a user has the right to request a refund or cancellation of this course. However, a student can submit the proper reason for these claims before getting the money back.

Role Assign:

"Role Assignment" refers to the process of assigning specific roles or permissions to users within the system. Roles determine the level of access and the actions that users can perform within the LMS. Role assignment is a crucial part of managing user accounts and ensuring that each user has the appropriate permissions based on their responsibilities and needs within the learning environment.

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> User Manager> Role> Add Role> Name> Save> Role> Type> Action> Select for edit or delete> Permission> Refund & Cancellation> Submit.}

If you want to allow permission to the student for refund or cancellation courses then at first create the add role then click on the permission[9] option to access this procedure. 

Roles Assign.png1690283876.png

Refund & Cancellation:

"Refund" and "Cancellation" refer to policies and actions related to the enrollment or registration of learners in courses. These policies and actions are important to ensure fairness and transparency in the learning process, allowing learners to make informed decisions about their course enrollments and providing mechanisms for addressing unexpected situations that may arise during the course of their studies. Simple as that if the refund & cancellation are unmarked then click on the mark option & hit the submit option. 

Refund & Cancellation.png1690283894.png

Student Submitted A Reason For Refund & Cancellation Request:

This phrase refers to a situation where a student or learner has formally requested a refund or the cancellation of their enrollment in a course, program, or educational service. The request typically includes a specific reason or justification for the refund or cancellation, such as unforeseen circumstances, dissatisfaction with the course, or a change in plans. Institutions and course providers often have established processes for reviewing and responding to such requests based on their refund and cancellation policies.

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Student Dashboard> Refund & Cancellation> Select Course> Write down the proper reason for cancellation> Submit> Refund & Cancellation History> SL> Course> Price> Request From> Request Date> Type> Status> Action.}

Here is the student dashboard click on the refund & cancellation section, if you want to submit the reason for the course then select the course & write the proper reason for cancellation. Also, a user can find the total list of the history of refunds & cancellations.

Student Submitted A Reason For Refund & Cancellation Request.png1690283920.png