All Instructor

10th Mar, 2023

All Instructor:

The online learning environment requires an instructor who can not only communicate effectively using technology, but also guide student learning, coach students to collaborate effectively, and provide enough structure for student success while allowing self-directed exploration.

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> All Instructor> Instructor List> Add Instructor> SL> Image> Name> Email> Status> Action> Select.} 

LMS lets instructors create course content in multiple formats. The core curriculum combined with visual and audio content makes the course more engaging for students by Using the LMS Instructor system.

1- All Instructor

2- Instructor List

3- Add Instructor

4- SL means Serial Number.

5- Image

6- Name

7- Email

8- Status

9- Action

10- Select for Secret Login, Edit or Delete.

Add New Instructor:

Instructor for the LMS system is independent learning ability to organize teaching-learning processes to enable students to maximize their learning potential. Add new Instructors are Managing learning ability to create and manage a conducive learning environment and at the same time guide, monitor, and evaluate student learning as a secret log-in.

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> All Instructor> Add New Instructor> Name> About> Date Of Birth> Phone> Email> Browse Image File> Password> Confirm Password> Facebook URL> Twitter URL> Linkedin URL> Instagram URL> Save Instructor.}

If you want to add a new instructor then fill on the all empty boxes. An instructor is a person who imparts knowledge to students. An instructor is a person who teaches a specific practical skill.

1- All Instructor

2- Add New Instructor

3- Name

4- About

5- Date Of Birth

6- Phone

7- Email

8- Browse the Image File

9- Password

10- Confirm the Password

11- Facebook URL

12- Twitter URL

13- Linkedin URL

14- Instagram URL

15- Save Instructor