13th Mar, 2023


Every person in the LMS is assigned a permission-based role that determines what access level they have to various areas of the LMS. These roles include user, administrator, group administrator, staff and instructor. User: By default, all learners added to the LMS are assigned the role of the user.

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> Role> Add Role> Name> Save> Role List> Role> Type> Action> Permission.}

Every user in the system is assigned the Student role, allowing them to log in and get training. In fact, learners are the vast majority of LMS users, responsible for consuming training materials and completing assignments.

1- Role

2- Add Role

3- Name

4- Save

5- Role List

6- Role

7- Type

8- Action

9- Permission

Assign Permission:

If you want to assign a permission role on a specific section then click on the mark to operate it. In the Tools field, search for Manage Permission Roles. You can create your own permission roles, grant the below permissions to the relevant role, and assign the role to an employee or a group of employees.

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> Role> Assign Permission> User manager> Certificate.}

This role permission section can be operated as long as mark or unmarked, although you can select any specific option to assess for the user. 

1- Role

2- Assign Permission

3- User manager can be a mark.

4- The certificate can be unmarked.