13th Mar, 2023


LMS Staff recreates a variety of roles, depending on the needs and industry of their companies or organizations, but some typical duties include managing and customizing the Infix LMS platform.

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> User Manager> Staff> Staff List> Add New Staff> ID> Name> Email> Phone> Role> Status> Department> Registered Date> Action.}

If you want to add new staff then go to the user manager to staff to click on the add new staff or you can check on the list of all staff that you already assign.

1- Staff

2- Staff List

3- Add New Staff

4- ID

5- Name

6- Email

7- Phone

8- Role

9- Status

10- Department

11- Registered Date

12- Action   

Add New Staff:

In the most basic sense, an LMS's add new staff's primary purpose is need to fill up basic info such as name, email, and address to an organization. That said, there are many additional features and expectations for an LMS today. The user management system is the critical component of the entire learning program.

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> User Manager> Staff> Add New Staff> Basic Info> Name> Email> Phone> Password> Department> Role> Date of Birth> Current Address> Permanent Address> Opening Balance> Profile Picture> Applicable for Leave> Browse Signature file> Bank Info> Bank Name> Branch Name> Account Name> Account Number> Payroll Info> Date of Joining> Basic Salary> Employment Type> Provision Time> Save.} 

Add New Staff offers a range of recruitment solutions to LMS and Services Industries. Our clients benefit from our depth of industry knowledge, recruitment expertise and relationships with Staff across all sectors.

1- Staff

2- Basic Info

3- Name

4- Email

5- Phone

6- Password

7- Department

8- Role

9- Date of Birth

10- Current Address

11- Permanent Address

12- Opening Balance

13- Profile Picture

14- Applicable for Leave

15- Browse the Signature file

16- Bank Info

17- Bank Name

18- Branch Name

19- Account Name

20- Account Number

21- Payroll Info

22- Date of Joining

23- Basic Salary

24- Employment Type

25- Provision Time

26- Save it.