How Do You Get a Mailchimp API Key

4th Sep, 2023

MailChimp Setting:

These settings enable administrators to synchronize user data, such as email addresses and user information, between their LMS and MailChimp. This integration facilitates email marketing campaigns, automated communication, and the management of email lists for LMS users. It helps in sending newsletters, course updates, and other educational content to learners and stakeholders through MailChimp's email marketing tools, enhancing engagement and communication within the learning platform.

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> NewsLettet> Mailchimp Setting> Mailchimp API Setting> Status> API Key> Get Your API Key here> Save> Your Mailchimp Account> SL> List Name> ID> Subscriber.}

Here's how to generate one for yourself: Navigate to the API Keys section of your Mailchimp account. Click Create New Key and give it a descriptive name to remind you which application it's used for. Copy the generated key immediately and store it in a secure location.

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How Do You Get a Mailchimp API Key:

Remember to keep your Mailchimp API key secure and avoid sharing it publicly. If you ever suspect that your API key has been compromised, you can regenerate it from the Mailchimp API settings to ensure the security of your account. If you want to know how to get the API key in Mailchimp in the InfixLMS server to provide a newsletter. 


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