How To Post A Notification

23rd May, 2023


This is posted notification section where the admin can send their student to direct message. Here's a simple process for writing for notifications and alerts, understand the context. 

Start by understanding the purpose of the notification or alert, Keep it concise. Provide context, Be clear and specific. Use a clear call-to-action, and Test and refine.

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> Posted> Notification List> Send Notification> SL> Title> Sender> Receiver> Type> Created Date> Select> Title> Type> Message> Send.}

If you want to send a notification on the notification bar then click on the send notification option.

1- Posted

2- Notification List

3- Send Notification

4- SL

5- Title

6- Sender

7- Receiver

8- Type

9- Created Date

10- Select

11- Title

12- Type

13- Message

14- Send  

Send Notification:

Write down to your message that you want to send to your student notification bar.  

Notification bar:

This is the right-top corner notification alert message.