How To Configure Email Protocols

4th Jul, 2023

In this option, you will be able to configure Email protocols for the system. Email protocol is a set of rules defined to ensure that emails can be exchanged between various servers and email clients in a standard manner. This ensures that the email is universal and works for all users.


You can set up SMTP[1], SendGrid[2], and PHP[3] protocols for sending emails.


When you click on SMTP Settings, You should see the section where you can configure SMTP Protocol. SMTP settings are simply your Outgoing Mail Server settings. "SMTP" stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It's a set of communication guidelines that allow the software to transmit email over the Internet.


In this section, you can configure SMTP by filling in information such as From Name[1], From Mail [2], Mail Driver[3], Mail Host[4], Mail Port[5], Mail Username[6], Mail Password[7], Mail Encryption[8], and Select status[9]. Finally, click on Update[10] to save your configuration.

If you want to know how to get smtp protocol - port number, mail password, mail driver, mail username, mail host etc then follow the details description.

1- The name came from the user tag identification.

2- From Mail is defined as those mail pieces that are received by any company, and in addition to the postal address, contain company-specific addressee information.

3- Mail Driver a person, usually employed by the post office, who delivers mail. Also called: a letter carrier, or postal carrier.

4- A mail host resolves email addresses and reroutes mail within your domain. A good candidate for a mail host is a system that provides your network with a remote connection or connects your network to a parent domain.

5- Mail Port or An SMTP port is a communication endpoint that handles the transfer of email data over SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) as it moves through a network, from one server to another 

6- Mail Username is the name you choose to be identified with for e-mail purposes and that you have provided to the e-mail host to create your e-mail account.

7- Mail Password is a string of characters used to verify the identity of a user during the authentication process. 

8- Mail Encryption is an authentication process that prevents messages from being read by an unintended or unauthorized individual. 

9- and Select status can be active or Deactivate.

10-Finally, click on Save Button


When you click on SendGrid Settings, You should see the section where you can configure your SendGrid account. SendGrid is trusted by extraordinary businesses like Spotify and Airbnb to provide reliable, scalable email infrastructure. SendGrid is a Denver, Colorado-based customer communication platform for transactional and marketing email. 


In this section, you can configure SendGrid by filling in information such as From Name[1], From Mail [2], API Key[3], and Active Status[4]. To learn more about configuring your SendGrid account properly, click on the Click Here text[5], colored in blue. Finally, click on Save[6] to save your configuration.

If you want to know how to Create a SendGrid API key then click on the link below:



When you click on PHP Settings, You should see the section where you can configure PHP Protocol. The PHP mail feature enables creating custom-built mail forms and sending simple text-based emails to multiple recipients. 

Here's how to configure PHP for sending mail.



In this section, you can configure PHP protocol by filling in information such as From Name[1]From Mail [2], and Active Status[3]. Finally, click on Update[4] to save your configuration.


How To Send Test Mails

You can easily send test emails from the section you see below. To send temp mails, filling the From Mail[1] and select the Email Engine Type[2]. Finally, click on Send Test Mail[3] to send the mail.