How To Work Utilities in InfixLMS

23rd Aug, 2023

InfixLMS website Utilities is a utility for Clear Cache, App Debug, Import Demo Database, Force HTTPS or Reset Database management that has been built into this web system. This utility allows using a web browser from a computer on a network to remotely control the main control panel or monitor the machine's status.


If you want to clear your cache, log or do you want to enable or disable App debug or force HTTPS then go to the InfixLMS dashboard to find the utility to click on the utilities for importing the demo database or resetting the database. 

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> Utility> Utilities> Clear Cache> Clear Log> Disable App Debug> Enable Force HTTPS> Import Demo Database> Reset Database.}


Preloader Setting:

The preload attribute specifies if and how the author thinks that the media file should be loaded when the page loads. The preload attribute allows the author to provide a hint to the browser about what he/she thinks will lead to the best user experience.

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> Preloader Settings> Preloader Status> Preloader Type.}

Preloader Setting.jpeg1691663368.jpeg

Error Log:

An error log is a file that contains detailed records of error conditions a computer software encounters when it's running. The name is generic: sometimes, an application can log non-error-type messages in its error log.

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> Error Log> Empty Table> SL> Description> URL> IP> Agent> User> Action for Delete.}

Error Log.jpeg1691663390.jpeg

IP Block:

An IP block is a continuous segment of Internet Protocol addresses assigned to an organization or country. IP addresses are blocked for multiple reasons, including enforcing standards for online behaviour, protecting networks against attacks, and censoring access to information. All devices connected to the Internet have unique IP addresses.

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> Utility> IP Block> Add IP> SL> Name> Subjects> Action for Delete> IP Address> Block Reason> Save.}

IP Block.jpeg1691663412.jpeg

Add New IP For Block:

If you want to add new IP for the block then click on the Add IP[2] section. 

Add New IP For Block.jpeg1691663435.jpeg

GEO Location:

The use of location technologies such as GPS or IP addresses to identify and monitor the whereabouts of linked electronic devices is referred to as geolocation. Geolocation is frequently used to track the movements and location of individuals and for surveillance, since these devices are frequently carried on an individual's person.

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> Utility> GEO Location> Empty Table> SL> Name> OS> Browser> IP Address> Login At> Logout At> Country> Region> Longitude> Action for delete.}
GEO Location.jpeg1691663462.jpeg


The process of keeping a website up to date, functioning smoothly, and working ideally is known as website maintenance. Website maintenance entails responsibilities such as ensuring that all of your site's links are operational, frequently updating material, and repairing any broken connections.

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> Utility> Maintenance> Maintenance Setting> Title> Maintenance Page Banner> Sub Title> Maintenance Mode> Update.}