InfixLMS has an Aora page builder section where users can add a Google sitemap for their website location section. A Google Sitemap is an XML file that uses the Sitemap protocol. This file lists URLs on your site, along with optional descriptive information about those URLs. You can create this XML file using our Sitemap Generator or a third-party tool. 

Add Sitemap Page from Aora Pagebuilder:

If you want to add a Google sitemap in Infixlms then go to the Aora Pagebuilder section to create a sitemap or click on the design option to update your XML sitemap. This is a file that lists a website's essential pages, making sure Google can find and crawl them all. It also helps search engines understand your website structure. You want Google to crawl every important page of your website.

Short Direction: {InfixLMS> Dashboard> Frontend CMS> Aora Pagebuilder> Add Page> Status> Sitemap> Select> Goggle Map> Click this Setting Option> Update Map> Please enter Google map embed code in here> Ok> Select on your preferred location> Share> Embed a map> Copy HTML.}

If you want to better understand by sequential procedure for the update of the Google sitemap in your InfixLMS web server then follow the number of instructions.   

1- Aora Pagebuilder

2- Add Page

3- Status

4- Sitemap

5- Select options including view, edit, design, delete or make it homepage. If you want to update Google sitemap then click on the design option.

6- Goggle Map

7- Click this Setting Option

8- Update Map

9- Please enter the Google map embed code in here

10- Ok 

11- Select your preferred location on the click to the icon.

12- Share

13- Embed a map

14- Copy HTML 

Add Sitemap Page from Aora Pagebuilder.png1689753975.png

Embed Google XML SiteMap in InfixLMS:

There are a few different ways to make your sitemap available to Google. If you want to get the embed code for your Google sitemap then embed a map[13] number option. This is the total infix LMS design section where user can update their web in every single section. 

Embed Google XML SiteMap in InfixLMS.png1689753994.png

Copy HTML Embed a Map Code:

This is the interface where the user can get the Google Maps HTML code to update the sitemap. Click Share or embed a map. Copy the text in the HTML box. Paste it into the HTML of the Aora pagebuilder design section to update your website sitemap.

Copy HTML Embed a Map Code.png1689754009.png