A detailed guide to setting up Multi Mega Menus

7th Nov, 2022

A website menu is a series of linked items that foster website navigation between the different pages or sections of a site. The website's navigation bar is often the first touchpoint your visitors interact with to guide them to specific products or categories. So it's crucial to ensure your navigation bar is as helpful and engaging as possible. If you want to make a new menu section, first, you have to write down the name and select the icon to which you want. 

This picture defines the total section of the menu which is separately working on your homepage. First, you have to set on a Multi Mega Menu that is operating on the mega menu & regular menu is functioning on the main menu. So when you create a mega menu then it has to add on the multi mega menu that you already do.

Mega Menu is based on columns that you can add one by four sections which are highly max, so the columns below serve on products, categories, links, pages, Tag & brands. Those all are manually set to your own desire whatever you want. Here is the right side top bar Ads Section that is showing for specific product branding.  

You can have as many links in your menu as you like. Which menu position and orientation is best for your website that you have to make it. Visitors expect to find horizontal menus across the top of the website, and vertical menus down the left side. Putting your site menu bar in these standard places makes your website easier to use.

A website navigation menu is an organized list of links to other web pages, usually internal site pages. Navigation menus appear in page headers or sidebars across a website, allowing visitors to access the most useful pages quickly.

How To Setup AmazCart Multi Mega Menu Setup (Video).mp4

Click on the Linkhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1TUa_jBBYQTUj76EwMHH4crwjVJd_XWqJ/view?ths=true target="_blank">

If you want to know how to setup a menu in AmazCart then watch this tutorial video. 

A mega menu is an expandable menu that packs a website's entire navigation into a single interface. Mega menus are especially useful for sites with vast amounts of content, such as e-commerce websites and blogs. The goal is to present the information clearly without forcing a user to dig through a maze of inner pages.