v3.7.8 (16 August 2023)

16th Aug, 2023

v3.7.8 (16 August 2023)

Fixed : Gift card same name issue fix

          : Reedem card same name issue fix.

          : Gift card Require fields bug fix.

          : Reedem card Requires fields bug fix.

          : Gift card edit Thumble image issue fix.

          : Gift card carts page issue fix.

          : Reedem card Details page issue fix.

          : Gift card language issue fix.

          : Reedem card Language issue fix.

          : payment Gateway enable/disable issue fix

          : Sidebar Title issue fix

          : Carries Enable/disable and edit Permission fix.

          : Shipping Rates Permission issue fix.

          : Pickup location Permission issue fix.

          : Order Details view Permission issue fix.

          : Seller panel Submenus issue fix.

          : Seller Panel Product edit, delete issue fix.

          : Pincode List Permission issue fix.

          : Add Pincode Permission issue fix.

          : Send Request and update Send Request permission issue fix.

          : International Shipping Module Issue fix.

          : Internation Permission issue fix.

          : Homepage Setting Top Rating Redirection fix.

          : Homepage Product Search title issue fix.

          : Dynamic page tab name issue fix.

          : Footer App store image disabe / Enable issue fix.

          : Footer App store link fix.

          : Footer Play store image disabe / Enable issue fix.

          : Footer Play store link fix.

          : Footer payment Image validation message fix.

          : Footer Setting Tab name issue fix.

          : Popup content image Responsive issue fix.

          : Promotional bar Image remove issue fix.

          : Social Link Language issue fix.

          : Delete Popup language issue fix.

          : Theme Install Language issue fix.

          : Color Schema Activated button fix.

          : Success,warning, danger color change fix.

          : Menu add link redirection issue fix.

          : Preloader Language issue fix.

          : Perloader alert message Language issue fix.  

          : Preloader Invalide Image file warning language issue fix.

          : Multivendor Module as Free.

          : added field for Select Vendor Type in general Setting.

          : Mega Menu heigt Fix.

          : Return and exchange Contact button fix.

          : Gift card Discount amount issue fix

          : Return Exchange Bold text issue fix.

          : Contact Content Add Inquery Edit Loading issue fix.

          : Contact Content Delete and Cancel button size issue fix.

          : Default Theme Product Details page issue fix.

          : Default Theme Product Details Image zoom issue fix.

          : Default Theme Product Details page Select image for zoom issue fix.

          : Default Theme Product Details page Description, Specification, Reviews, Video Tabs Hide show issue fix.

          : Products add unique slug Issue fix.

          : Shipping Rates not  configed checkout Issue fix.

          : General Setting api data type fix(app).

          : Homepage content api data type fix(app).


Features : MultiVendor as Free Module

                 : Checkout User Login(Enable / Disable) From General Setting.


Note      : Minimum version v3.7.5 is required to update v3.7.8, and PHP version min 8.0 is required.