Bulk Upload

16th Sep, 2022

Bulk Upload Product

1. In order to bulk upload, navigate to the following. Products --> Bulk Product --> Upload. In this page you will find a sample csv file in which you are supposed to fill up your product credentials.

2. Download the sample file first. Here each row represents a single product.

3. The category_id, media_ids, tags support multiple data. Follow website's product create page & find which field supports multiple data if needed. 

4. For tag, you can put the tag name or tag id.

5. For media id, please upload media in your website first. Then open media_managers table. From media_managers table, copy id & paste it into media_ids column. For multiple media, paste with "," in between each item. (Spacing between each comma do not matter)

6. when you're done, save & upload the file via bulk upload.

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