How To Work AmazCart Home Page

13th Dec, 2022

Home Page:

A home page is the primary web page that a visitor will view when navigating a website, and it may also function as a manual categories page to attract visitors. Sometimes, the home page is a site directory, particularly the type of this section a website has multiple home pages. 

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Frontend CMS> Home Page> Section List> Enable This Section> Title> Type> Category List> Update.}  

If you want to design the homepage category section then click on the select list to the title, and type. 

1- Frontend CMS

2- Home Page

3- Section List manually to the homepage category.

4- Enable This Section

5- Title based on the new category list.

6- Type in the custom category.

7- Category List will be operating sequentially as you want. 

8- Update it.