Dashboard Color

15th Dec, 2022

Dashboard Color:

There are three types of gradients. As well as Default Color, Test Color & Copy of Default Color. Eventually, based on the major six colors with Base, Scroll, Text, Success, Warning & the last one is Danger color. If you want to change, then click on the activate option. Either you also can make a clone or edit it.

Add new color:

The following table describes how colors are applied based on the dashboard item’s type. Use the dashboard color list section for the customized colors of the specific palette. Click on the title box to add a new name for the color, mode, background type & color. You can also select the toaster message position & time. After finishing the color combination then, click on the add option. It's the manual functionality to make your choice of color decision. 

Short Direction:{AmazCart> Dashboard> Appearance> Dashboard Color> Add New> SL> Title Type> Color> Background> Status> Action> Base Color> Scroll Color> Text Color> Success Color> Warning Color> Danger Color> Activated> Select> Dashboard Color List> Color adjusts boxes as like Border Color or Gradient Color> Add.} 

Natural colors are generally better than bright or bold colors. Reserve bright or dark colors to highlight outliers or important calls to action. Also, remember that each color in a data visualization should serve a purpose.

1- Dashboard Color

2- Add New

3- SL mean Serial Number

4- Title 


6- Color is based on six color sections to allocate it. 

7- Background

8- Status

9- Action

10- Base Color

11- Scroll color property is used to set the color of an element's scrollbar. It can be used to control both the scrollbar track and scrollbar thumb colors separately.

12- Text Color

13- Success Color

14- Warning Color 

15- Danger Color

16- Activated

17- Select an option including a clone that make another version of color, also you can edit or delete it that you already make it. 

18- Dashboard Color List

19- Color adjusts boxes like Border Color or Gradient Color

20- Add that already made on colour setup & it will be shown as another desirable color segment.