Dashboard Setup

15th Dec, 2022

You can control the color, shape, and transparency of the Search widget that appears. You can also make it normal, color or reverse. Make it visible or hide the dashboard on the product card, orders, customer, visitor, sell amount, review & revenue etc. A website dashboard is an online report where your website data -- from ecommerce to web analytics -- is displayed. You're able to combine different data sources in one dashboard or you can create dashboards for different channels - it's totally up to you.

Short Direction:{AmazCart> Dashboard> Appearance> Dashboard Setup> Make Widget Card Colorful> Normal> Color> Reverse> Make Visible in Dashboard> Visible> Hide.}

If you want to set it on your AmazCard dashboard then you can change any of the Make Widget Card Colorful from Sale, Products, Customer, Order, Revenue or Visitor can status Normal, Color, Reverse. Either you can change the Make visible in Dashboard from the main method is Visible or Hide.

1-Dashboard Setup

2- Make Widget Card Colorful

3- Normal can be selected about the total product, Sale, Customer or other visitors. 

4- Color

5- Reverse

6- Make Visible in the Dashboard

7- Visible

8- Hide