15th Dec, 2022

A theme is a foundation for the complete design of a website. This includes typography, colour palettes, headers and footers, backgrounds, and page layouts. A theme is the inferred stance on a story's central topic or message. Themes are used to communicate important ideas and messages about issues that face the characters and the narrative setting.

Short Direction:{AmazCart> Dashboard> Themes> Add New> Amazy> Active/Live Preview> Upload Themes.}  

If you want to set the themes then go to the AmazCart Dashboard.

1- Themes

2-Add New themes or upload new themes

3- Amazy which is building themes 

4- Either you can choose the default themes that include two options from here Active or Live Preview.

5- Click on the Plus button to upload a new theme. 

Upload Themes:

If you want to add a new theme, follow the instructions: Upload Theme if You Have Purchased ZIP File. Click Browse to select the zip file from your computer. Then, click Install Now to add the theme to your website. WordPress will install your premium theme on your website. If you want to see how your website will look using the uploaded theme, click Live Preview. 

Short Direction:{AmazCart> Dashboard> Appearance> Theme> Add New> Upload Theme> Browse Zip File> Install Now.}

If you want to upload a new theme on AmazCart then follow the number of instructions.

1-Go to the AmazCart dashboard to find the Appearance click on the theme, you will see the Upload Theme section like Add new.

2- Browse the Zip File to your ready theme on the desktop. 

3- On the left side Install Now option, if the upload is done then click on that section.