Email Settings:

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an Internet standard communication protocol for electronic mail transmission. Mail servers and other message transfer agents use SMTP to send and receive mail messages. PHP mail is the built-in PHP function that sends emails from PHP scripts. The Email function accepts the following parameters: Email address. Subject. Every email you send contains a set of characters, known as a charset, rendered by the email clients. 

Short Direction: {Amazcart Dashboard> System Setting> Email Settings> Active Gateway> Sender Name> Sender Email> Mail Send Type> Save> Send A Test Email To> Mail Text> Send Test Mail.}

If you want to send a test email to the customer, go to the Amazcart System Setting to scroll down & find the Email Settings. You will see the active gateway to choose to method to send an email by SMTP & PHP Mail. 

1- Email Settings

2- Active Gateway

3- Sender Name

4- Sender Email

5- Mail Send Type can be instant send or Via Queue.

6- Save

7- Send A Test Email To

8- Mail Text

9- Send Test Mail   

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