SMS template:

You will see how to make the SMS Template on a webpage to write attractive messages for customers, so we put together a collection of SMS template samples and text message templates to help you reach out effectively. 

Short Direction: {Amazcart Dashboard> System Setting> SMS Template> SL> Type> Subject> Reciepent> Activate> Action> Add New Template> Type> Subject> RECIEPENT> Template> Save.}

If you support versioning for all types of message templates. Any SMS template type can be manually Activated, or if you want to rewrite any template, click on the Action below the Manage section. 

1- SMS Template

2- SL means Serial Number.

3- Type

4- Subject

5- Recipient

6- Activate

7- Action

8- Add New Template

9- Type

10- Subject


12- Template

13- Save it.