11th Jan, 2023

Social Configuration:

Adding social media links to your website is a way to increase the spread of your content. You want to make it easier for people to find the other content platforms you maintain for your business. The links make the sharing and process more convenient. Social linking is using your social media activity and linking to trustworthy sites from your social accounts to help rank your website's organic traffic in search engines. 

Short Direction: {Amazcart Dashboard> System Setting> Social Configuration> Facebook> Google> Twitter> Linkedin> Facebook Configuration> Facebook Client ID> Facebook Client Secret> Status> Save> Facebook Messanger Configuration> Facebook Messager Code> Save.}

If you want to add a Social Configuration to your website, the growth promotionally is then set on Facebook, Google, Twitter & Linkedin.

1- Social Configuration

2- Facebook

3- google

4- Twitter

5- Linkedin

6- Facebook Configuration

7- Facebook Client ID

8- Facebook Client Secret

9- Status

10- Save

11- Facebook Messanger Configuration

12- Facebook Messager Code

13- Save it.