19th Dec, 2022

Add New Product:

Product Information refers to any information held by an organization about the Add new products it produces, including Type, Name, SKU, Model Number, Category, Brand, Unit, Barcode type, Minimum order QTY, and Maximum order quantity means setting up the upper limit of products your customers can buy. Add relatable Tags for comma separation. A physical product is a product that can be touched physically and can be shipped to the customer after selling it. It’s important to masseur the product Weight Height Info & additional shipping charge. A shipping and handling fee is the amount charged to a customer, aside from the order subtotal, to cover shipping and handling costs. The stock's price only shows a company's current or market value. So, the price represents how much the stock trades. Decide whether the Stock manages ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Give the number of Product Stock, and fix the Selling Price. You can give them a Discount price, Discount Type.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Products> Add new product> General Information> Related Product> Up Sale> Cross Sale> Product Information> Type As Single or Variant> Product Image Info> Choose Image> Name> Product SKU> Model Number> Category> Add New> Brand> Add New> Unit> Add New> Pdf Specification> Upload PDF> Barcode Type> Minimum Order  QTY> Max Order QTY> Product Video Info> Video Provider> Youtube> Tags> Video Link> Suggested Tags>  Is Physical Product?> Other Info> Status as Public or Pending> Weight Height Info> Weight> Length> Breath> Hight> Make Display In Details Page> Additional Shipping Charge> Price Info And Stock> Stock Manage> Product Stock> Selling Price> Discount> Discount type> GST/VAT/TAX Group> Description> Specifications> SEO Info> Meta title> Meta Description> Meta Image> Browse Image File.

Also, select the GST/VAT/TAX Group. It’s highly recommended for product descriptions & Specifications to represent authenticity. Search engine optimization (SEO) improves the quality and quantity of website product traffic. Those are three parts related to SEO Meta title, Meta description & Meta image. There is the right side from here to add the product Image Info and Pdf Specifications. You can also add a Product Video Info link about Facebook or Youtube sites. Extra other info from here about the Status publish or pending, make a display in details page up sale or cross sale.

1- Add a new product

2- General Information

3- Related Product

4- Up Sale

5- Cross Sale

6- Product Information

7- Type As Single or Variant

8- Product Image Info

9- Choose an Image

10- Name

11- Product SKU

12- Model Number

13- Category

14- Add a New

15- Brand

16- Add a New

17- Unit

18- Add a New

19- Pdf Specification

20- Upload PDF

21- Barcode Type

22- Minimum Order  QTY

23- Max Order QTY

24- Product Video Info

25- Video Provider

26- Youtube

27- Tags

28- Video Link

29- Suggested Tags

30- Is Physical Product?

31- Other Info

32- Status as Public or Pending

33- Weight Height Info

34- Weight

35- Length

36- Breath

37- Hight

38- Make Display In Details Page

39- Additional Shipping Charge

40- Price Info And Stock

41- Stock Manage

42- Product Stock

43- Selling Price

44- Discount

45- Discount type

46- GST/VAT/TAX Group

47- Description

48- Specifications

49- SEO Info

50- Meta title

51- Meta Description

52- Meta Image

53- Browse the Image File.

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Product Information:

Product Information refers to any information held by an organisation about the products it produces, buys, sells or distributes. In the context of Product Information management, this typically refers to information relating to the selling and/or marketing of products via digital channels. Product information including the part of Brand information, create category & create unit. We would like to documentation to Below the following number of all pictures. 

Create Category

Product categorization, also known as product taxonomy, helps customers navigate your ecommerce store with ease. It's a technique used to replicate a physical in-store experience by creating a virtual, digital aisle that leads customers to the product they wish to purchase.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Products> Add new product> Category> Add New> Create Category> Name> Slug> Icon> Searchable> Status> Add as Sub-Category> Upload Photo> Browse File> Save.}

Product category marketing is a strategic method that focuses on how to best promote a group of related products. Marketers use this technique to help them select methods that best promote their products and services. A common way to categorize products is by how often consumers use them.

1- Create a Category

2- Name

3- Slug

4- Icon

5- Searchable with Active or Inactive.

6- Status can be Active or Inactive.

7- Add as Sub-Category

8- Upload a Photo

9- Browse the File

10- Save it.

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Brand Info

Product brands refer to the individual products of a company and are the foundation of its brand world. They are at the lowest and most granular hierarchy level of brand architecture.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Products> Add new product> Brand> Add New> Brand Info> Name> Status Info> Status> Description> Logo> Browse Image File> Is Featured> Save> Website Link> SEO info> Meta Title> Meta Description.}

Product branding is when marketers introduce a product to the public with its own unique identity. This can be with the product name, logo, design—any aspect of the product that differentiates itself from all else.

1- Brand Info

2- Name

3- Status Info

4- Status

5- Description

6- Logo

7- Browse the Image File

8- Is Featured

9- Save

10- Website Link

11- SEO info

12- Meta Title

13- Meta Description

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Create Unit:

Product units are the units of measurement used for products in the agreement. When you add a product, you must specify at least one main unit for it. You can specify additional unit types but must enter the conversion factor.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Products> Add new product> Unit> Create Unit> Name> Status> Save.}

When purchasing materials, the unit of purchase is the multiple of individual items in which the purchase is expressed.

1- Create Unit

2- Name

3- Status

4- Save it.

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Related Product

Related products are products whose demand is influenced by a price change of another related product. Related products are product suggestions that would be recommended while the customer is browsing through the product pages. These recommendations can be products for upselling, cross-selling, or even down-selling. Related products are a great way to let your customers find items they didn't know you offered.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Products> Add new product> General Information> Related Product> Up Sale> Cross Sale> Related Product> Quick Search> All Mark> Name> Brand> Thumbnail> Created At.}

Related products are a popular ecommerce store feature and marketing tactic for one simple reason: They work. But what exactly are they? Related products are item recommendations that appear where a consumer is currently shopping. As also mention Related sales as like up sales, Cross Sales.

1- Add a new product

2- General Information

3- Related Product

4- Up Sale

5- Cross Sale

6- Related Product

7- Quick Search

8- All Mark

9- Name

10- Brand

11- Thumbnail

12- Created with the time & date.

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