19th Dec, 2022

Product attributes include features, design, price, aesthetic, weight, color, size, ingredients, and material. Intangible characteristics that are not perceptible to touch; don't have a physical form. An attribute is a personality trait you have, such as confidence or resilience. Many employers look for specific attributes as they can enhance your suitability for a role. The point Hernandez, Wright, and Rodriguez make is a good way to differentiate between product attributes and benefits: Attributes are detailed/objective facts like color, price, material, shape, etc. Benefits are often imagined effects like paying rent in the future, satisfaction, happiness, status, beauty, etc.

Short Direction: {AmazCart> Dashboard> Products> Attribute> Add New Attribute> Name> Description> Status> Attribute Valu> Add Value> Save> Attribute List> SL> Attribute Name> Description> Status> Action> Select.}

Attribution of Characteristic of some component of a program that can be set to different values. Select the Name, and write it down in the Description box. You can change the Status to active or inactive. Add value & Save it. You can select the option to view, edit or delete it. 

1- Attribute

2- Add New Attribute

3- Name

4- Description

5- Status

6- Attribute Valu

7- Add Value

8- Save

9- Attribute List

10 SL

11- Attribute Name

12- Description

13- Status

14- Action

15- Select For View, Edit, Delete.